Sanitys Rage
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May 5, 2013
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Hometown: Brussels, Belgium
Genre: Metal
Record Label: Unsigned
Kenny Molly: Vocals
Jesse Van den Bossche: Guitars
Maxime Deschamps: Guitars
Davy Stuyck: Bass
Gabriel Deschamps: Drums
About Us

August 2006 marks the birth of the Rage of One, an album which introduced the metal undergroud to the name Sanity's Rage.

The international Metal Community was immediately convinced of the strong potential of old-school thrash agression mixed with technical/melodic influences.

After playing at the frontline of the new wave of thrash metal with numerous friendly Belgian thrash bands, Sanity's rage got the opportunity to slowly take it to a higher level.

In between local performances with fellow thrashers, they already got to test their metal with bands such as After All, Trenchfoot, Spoil Engine, M-busch, Chainsaw, Drifter and Sacred Oath.

With several highlights in their ventures such as being part of the support for Laaz Rockit & Destructor gig for Alcatraz Concerts in Belgium and the Gama Bomb & Bonded by Blood gig for MDD at the Thrash Assault 3 Warm-up show in Germany

Before having to part with both the bass an the guitar player at almost the same time, Sanity’s Rage set a new standard for their performance playing alongside Saxon, Testament, Hyades, Holy Moses, Onslaught and many other international acts.

After the departure of the drummer, Sanity’s Rage hit the studio with a session drummer from The End Of All Reason and are now back with You Are What You Swallow, their debut album. The release of the album is highly appreciated in the underground and SR engage Gabriel Deschamps as the new drummer.

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