The Casual Rapists



Once again, the hipster head of ignorance rears its ugly head. How many times do we have to say it: The Band Name Has NOTHING TO DO WITH RAPING PEOPLE IN ANY SEXUAL FORM IN ANY WAY, SHAPE OR FORM! Everyone's gotta get up on their god damn soap box and point their fucking fingers at us so they can feel better about themselves, instead of doing something that will actually mean something and change something in this society of ours. Nope, fucking soap box time.

You assholes are as annoying as the street preachers in Downtown, trying to save everyone when no asked you for a god damn thing. You don't like the name, don't listen to the music! It's as simple as that! If we continue to get rid of things that offend us, we're no better than conservatives OR liberals. You may want to fit in and be a part of a society that doesn't give a shit about you, but my eyes are fucking open.

We may change our name, but its not because we are giving in. It's because the name is all idiots see, instead of the music and the obvious hard work we put into it. So, I guess thank you for proving me right and giving me a reason to despise the species. Its your stupidity and ignorance that keeps the fire burning everyday!

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