Joined Arm The Pit
July 21, 2013
Hometown: Tripoli, Lebanon
Genre: Black Metal
Record Label: Satanath Records
Band Members
Ayvaal - Vocals
Dahaaka - Guitars
GoreDrummer - Drums (Session)
About Us

Hatecrowned is a Black Metal band hailing from Lebanon since 2011.

Lyrical themes: Hatred, Darkness, Death, War, Misanthropy.

Hatecrowned appeared on Al-Mawtin Al-Aswad - Arabian Inheritance DOUBLE 2 x CDR Compilation, released by Depressive Illusions Records with the first track from Warpact in Black which was Untitled. LINK: http://depressiveillusions.com/items/cd-r/black-metal-pagan-metal-blackgaze/al-mawtin-al-aswad-arabian-inheritance-double-2-x-cdr On November 22nd 2013, Benjamin "GoreDrummer" Lauritsen joined Hatecrowned as a session studio member for the drums recording of the upcoming Hatecrowned full length album. On April 4th 2014, Hatecrowned got signed to Fall of Eden Records, and underground label from the United Kingdom (Fall of Eden on Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/fallofedenrecords Fall of Eden official website : http://www.fallofedenrecords.bigcartel.com/) Hatecrowned appeared on Gathering of Shadows Volume 1. compilation album by Black Metal Allegiance, released on January 10th 2014, with the fourth track from Warpact in Black "Yousbagh Al-Kawn Be Lawn Al-Ba's" LINK : Blackmetalallegiance.bandcamp.com "Warpact in Black" was digitally re-released on February 14th 2014 by Senseless Life Records LINK : http://senselessliferecordsstore.bandcamp.com/album/warpact-in-black "Warpact in Black" was re-released on tapes by GŁnebakan Production on March 15th 2014

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