Valiant Bastards
Joined Arm The Pit
April 12, 2015
Hometown: Portland, Oregon
Genre: Metal
Record Label: Brown Cloud Records
Band Members
Lucas Salazar - Guitar and Lead Vocals
Rusty Graham - Lead Guitar
Eric Veith - Bass
Scott DeRosia - Drums
About Us

Deep in the lands of Portland Oregon, lived an evil sorcerer. His only purpose in life was to spread chaos and mayhem throughout the world. Summoning demons, spirits and unholy beasts from the bowels of hell, there looked to be no hope left for humanity. As the end drew near, the skies blackened and the air became thick and shrouded in smoke... but through the dust and rubble, four warriors took up arms against this menacing fiend. Sir Rusty, Wielding his axe of destruction, forged from the bones of his fallen enemies. Sir Eric, with his bellowing hammer of justice, clearing all in his path with a single blow. Sir Scott, harnessing the power of the twin blades and war drums, made from the skin of the foulest of beasts. And Sir Lucas, with his relentless battle shouts and slicing scythe of death. Together, these noble heroes were known as the VALIANT BASTARDS, forever to fight against the evils of this land.






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