Slum Lotus
Joined Arm The Pit
August 17, 2015
Hometown: Chicago IL - Arcata, California
Genre: EDM
Record Label: Unsigned
Band Members
"Wolf" - DJ Slum Lotus (vocalist)
Max De Felippo: Producer, Sweden
Steph Dreads: Vocalist, Promoter, PR, Publicist
Austin Sanchez: Welder/Builder/Stagehand

Slum Lotus is a group collaboration created and envisioned by Jeff Howard "Wolf" aka DJ Slum Lotus and his partner Steph Dreads.

A Chicago native, having played guitar and written songs for 12 years Slum Lotus found his identity when living in the streets of LA in the summer of 2009. Slum Lotus started as a street hip hop act in Venice Beach, and has since turned into a full EDM production having performed all the way from Chicago to the west coast.

Slum Lotus does everything from Live Djing, to show promotion, event planning and even custom stage craft.

With the help of friend and builder, welder, master craftsman Austin Sanchez Slum Lotus has built a custom stage setup with a portable projection DJ booth, and two HEAVY DUTY L.E.D Illuminated gogo dance platforms. visit Slum's website or Facebook to see pictures and to rent the custom stage setup.

Now, after several years playing shows all over the west coast, DJ Slum Lotus has teamed up with a talented young producer from Sweden.

Slum Lotus is preparing to drop the debut album "Germination" on April 20th 2016 exclusively from WWW.SLUMLOTUS.NET

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