Joined Arm The Pit
July 17, 2014
Hometown: Hamilton ON, Canada
Genre: Punk
Record Label: Suburban White Trash Records
Band Members
Danyell Deville: Diabolical Screaming
Emma-O: Six String Armageddon
Jen O'Cyde: Subsonic Devastation
Cari Corpse: Infernal Pounding
About Us

Pantychrist formed in 2003 after the chance encounter of four women in a ladies washroom. Guitarist Izabelle Steele and vocalist Danyell DeVille joined bassist Amy Hell and drummer Patty Rotten in forming an all female hardcore punk group. With a take no prisoners approach the band made a stir quite quickly in the local Hamilton music scene and the tremors soon spread to other cities. The group capitalized on the growing buzz by issuing their Never Love Anything cd on AMP Records in 2005. A documentary/performance dvd entitled Skirting With Disaster was released in 2006.

2010 found Cari Corpse settling behind the Pantychrist drum kit and 2011 saw the addition of new bass player Jen O'Cyde and the group issuing the retrospective compilation Break It Down. Fast forward to 2013 and guitarist Emma-O has joined Pantychrist as the band continues to rehearse and write new material for the upcoming CrACkHeAdS AnD ENAbLeRs cd.

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