Joined Arm The Pit
April 23, 2016
Hometown: Little Rock, Arkansas
Genre: Metal
Record Label: Rottweiler Records
Band Members
Chris -Vocals
Drew - Guitar
D.J. - Drums
Cole - Guitar
Shane - Bass

Few bands today strike with the power and ferocity it takes to truly drive the listener to submission—Arkansas-based American Metal act Every Knee Shall Bow is one of them. Storming onto the scene with intense, punishing instrumentation and lacerating, excruciating vocals, this young but prodigally talented act have taken the underground by storm and forcing fans of heavy, exigent—yet faith-filled—music to their knees.

Beginning in 2009, Every Knee Shall Bow was formed by Shane, Drew, Cole and DJ, creating a sturdy, immense instrumental force to be reckoned with. The act was completed with the addition of vocalist Chris Hull in late 2010, allowing the band to jump head first into developing a live set and showing off their unique brand of thrash-influenced death metal. After bouts of incessant live performances and determined songwriting, Every Knee Shall Bow began to gain the press and media coverage they deserved with features in several noteworthy underground metal and hardcore magazines—HM and Christian Underground among them.

It wasn’t until mid-2013 that the band released their first full length album, Slayers of Eden, which took the metal world by storm. Packed with razor sharp, jarring riffs, pummeling percussion and sinister, brutalizing breakdowns, the intensity on Slayers of Eden is record-breaking. These young but masterful musicians combine clever and crushing songwriting with faith and emotional conviction to create an immersive experience that captivates the listener both on record and in person—making Every Knee Shall Bow a band you will definitely want to get on your feet for.




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