Q1 For the record, who's answering the interview?
Q2 What is your band's name? How did you come up with that name?
Q3 So who's in the band and what instruments do you each play?
Q4 How would you describe your sound. What makes you unique?
Q5 What bands have influenced each of you?
Q6 How experienced are you on the stage, a virgin or whore?
Q7 How would you describe your shows?
Q8 Tell us about your favorite show and why?
Q9 Tell us about your worst show and why?
Q10 Tell Us About Your Dream Show, who you'd like to play with and where?
Q11 Do you have a street team and how can you join?
Q12 Do you have a record label and if not are you looking for one?
Q13 What are your plans for the future, in a year, 5 years?
Q14 Finally, do have any words on what Arm The Pit means to you?
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