Q1 For the record, who's answering the interview, what is your band's name? How did you come up with that name?
Q2 So who's in the band and what's everyone's life story in 100 words more or less?
Q3 In a nutshell, please describe your sound.
Q4 Why did you each of you start playing music and was there a turning point from becoming the dream child that every mother and father hopes their child will become before discovering music? Why did music become a career choice for you?
Q5 What instruments do you each play? How did you learn to play, self-taught or school?
Q6 What bands have influenced each of you?
Q7 What makes your band unique?
Q8 Do you write your own music? If not, who writes the music?
Q9 What inspires the songs you write?
Q10 How long does it take you to write a song thatís ready to record?
Q11 How would you describe your local music scene? Likes, Dislikes. What would you change?
Q12 What is your favorite local venue? Why?
Q13 Whats the biggest problem you find when working with other bands, booking agents, promoters and venues when settting up a show or a tour?
Q14 How experienced are you on the stage, a virgin or whore?
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