For the record, who's answering the interview?
Danyell: Me, Danyell DeVille, the singer
Cari: Cari Corpse drums
Emma-O: Emma-O guitar
Jen: Jen O'Cyde bass
What is your band's name? How did you come up with that name?
Danyell: The bands name is Pantychrist with a 'y'. We came up with the name when me and our former guitar player Izabelle were living together. We had just started writing some songs and we were looking for a rhythm section. So we went out to the Underground that night (Hamilton bar) to see the Vapids (local punk band) play 'cause her boyfriend was playing in the Vapids at the time and she had never seen them play strange enough. We ended up having a few drinks and we went and used the women's washroom and there was a woman standing in there. I asked her if she played bass and she said "No, I don't play bass I play drums. She plays bass" and pointed at a girl in the stall. That was Patty and Amy. So we all hooked up there. We met our rhythm section in the bathroom and we had a practice and it was awesome. We actually didn't come up with the name. It was a friend of ours Jay who was playing in Spoiled Rotten (local punk band) at the time and he came up with the name. We had thrown around a few names before that, what were they? The Girlfiends, the Keegels.... then when Jay came up to us in a bar and said you should call your band Pantychrist, we were all kinda buzzed but everyone's eyes lit up and we were like 'Yeah!!". I woke up the next day with a hangover wondering if it was such a good name to stick with and what had I done 'cause everyone loved it. And you know it's kinda grown on me over the years and stuff and people seem to like it. If you don't like the band name you're not gonna like the music that comes with it.
So who's in the band and what instruments do you each play?
Danyell: We already answered that
Emma-O: In the beginning yeah
How would you describe your sound. What makes you unique?
Emma-O: I think what makes us unique and it also describes our sound is that we seem to have this ability to blend punk, hardcore, metal and even melody into this combination that works.
Danyell: Everybody always labels us as punk and we are punks at heart but I don't really like to put a label on it. It's heavy music and it's angry and sometimes it's fun. We have fun writing it. It's a little mix of everything.
Emma-O: It's a mix of genres.
Danyell: Yeah, a mix of genres.
Cari: Which I like 'cause I've always wanted to be in a band like that so it's awesome.
Danyell: In the beginning of Pantychrist the music was more straight forward punk but it's changing, getting more melodic.
Emma-O: It's still very heavy and fast but the songs have better songwriting and better musicianship. I like melody and heaviness at the same time and this band is the perfect blend of both. And we have a bit of a metal influence.
Cari: The way it should be. It sounds great, I think it's a new sound.
Danyell: The sound is evolving, definitely evolving
Cari: I don't think I've really heard much bands that sound like us. Actually none, so it makes me happy.
Danyell: Or put on a show quite like us.
What bands have influenced each of you?
Cari: For me, metal. Finnish metal, melodic metal, I was into hardcore then getting into American metal which is a little bit different. Lamb Of God, Children Of Bodom, some other stuff I don't wanna say 'cause Jenny's gonna start laughing at me (laughing).
Rest of Band: (a silent pause as all curiously look at Cari, waiting....)
Cari: Okay, I like Viking metal
Jen: (snorts)
Cari: I fucking like it okay, it makes me feel like
Jen: You're riding on a horse?
Cari: Yeah, it makes me feel like I'm riding on a horse
Danyell: What about Swedish metal
Cari: Yeah, that kind of thing. Black metal I don't like. I'm mainly a metal drummer, but I enjoy playing punk a lot now.
Danyell: I guess the music that influenced me in the very beginning like when I was 14 and I wanted to be in a band was because I really liked Nirvana back in the day. Nirvana and Hole were the main things I listened to back then. Babes In Toyland, L7... and my tastes grew and widened with music and I got into the hardcore scene when I was like 16 and I played in a band called Die Human Die. My influences then were more of the hardcore scene like Earth Crisis, Snapcase, Strife, Walls Of Jericho, stuff like that. When I formed Pantychrist I was really into The Sinisters and liked Toronto punk bands. I liked Cheerleader, CJ Sleeze and Action High and Riotstar. They were more Hamilton bands those last ones. There's a lot of bands that infleunced my music. I'm very picky with music though. I like to feel danger in a band when I go to see a band play. I want to feel danger like GG Allin, right. I never got to see him but I would have loved to see GG Allin, he was an influence on me too for sure.
Cari: It's pretty dangerous in the pit at a Pantychrist show too. The guy with the head injury...
Emma-O: The guy with the head injury?
Cari: Yeah, at the last show. You were there!!
Emma-O: Oh yeah!! Yeah.
All: laugh
Cari: Pretty fucking dangerous.
Danyell: (blows snot out her nose)
Cari: Good one Danyell.
Danyell: I don't know my own strength sometimes. It's like when I get onstage I turn into the Hulk.
Emma-O: (laughs)
Danyell: It was just one of those things that happens sometimes I guess.
Cari: (laughing)
Danyell: Where I jump off the stage and I grab this guy and put him in a headlock and I swung him around and there just happened to be a support beam there with bricks or concrete and he just went right into it. He was light as a feather, I don't know how he got so light.
Emma-O: I think cause he was drunk.
Danyell: I just picked him up and swung him and he went headfirst into the thing and I didn't realize how hard I had smashed his head into the support beam.
Jen: Luckily he found it enjoyable
Danyell: After the show he came up and he had blood pouring down his face and he's like "I like you so much more because you did that to me". I was like wow, that's fucked up.
Cari: We need to practice throwing people around.
Danyell: Thanks for not suing me. Thanks for not pressing charges.
Cari: Safe things Danyell. Safe things for you to do onstage.
Danyell: Fuck safety!!
Emma-O: (laughs) Fuck safety (laughing)
Cari: I just don't want anybody to die or go out on a stretcher.
Danyell: That would be a cool end to a show. Someone gets carried away on a stretcher.
Cari: That's why we love her.
Danyell: The rest of the band gets arrested and thrown into the back of a cruiser
Emma-O: I was influenced by old punk growing up. That's what I listened to as a kid and my favourite bands were The Clash, Buzzcocks, Stiff Little Fingers and I loved the girl punk rockers like X and Joan Jett.
Danyell: Joan Jett for me too
Emma-O: When I saw Joan Jett I knew I had to be a guitar player and I liked the kind of heavy music rock and roll. I'm really influenced by rock and roll and punk rock to me is just another form of raw, pure rock and roll. So I'm influenced by anything that rocks and has hooks 'cause I've always liked melodic stuff
Danyell: Especially when a women really rocks you know, like Brody from the Distillers
Emma-O: Yeah, like a lot of female rockers really influenced me like the Go-Go's were a big favourite band for me as a kid. I used to jump up on my bed and play air guitar to the Go-Go's (laughs)
Danyell: Oh my god I was always in the mirror doing that to Hole like pretending air guitaring. Or I had a broom strapped on me and I'm like (imitating rock moves) all decked out you know with the fan blowing on me
Emma-O: Yeah, when I was in grade six Siouxsie Sioux was one of my idols, I wanted to look like her so bad. So I really grew up on old punk and when I got a little older I got more into like metal, like hair metal and that evolved into thrash metal and that's when I really got into the more hardcore stuff. But I always liked all kinds of music so that's why I'm not ashamed to say i like hair bands
Jen: (laughs)
Emma-O: I still love hair metal. I love glam rock.
Jen: Yeah, glam rock's always awesome.
Emma-O: I'm just into all kinds of music, I'm influenced by everything but punk is at my very core.
Jen: (looking at Emma-O) You pretty much explained my influences
Cari: Just say "what she said"
Jen: The heavier side of metal, heavy rock and roll like Motorhead, L7. I like the older punk as well Minor Threat, the Germs, Bad Religion, stuff like that. But definitely grew up I'd say more metal, but god, I listen to everything. Like I might listen to metal one minute and jazz the next minute, like I'm just so everywhere.
Danyell: Like me too. I just started picking up the piano of all things you know. I really enjoy classical sad sounding piano. Very melancholy piano I really like that. I'd actually like to have some of that in the beginning of a song or something. There was this band I really used to like Zao, they were a hardcore band and they had a lot of piano in their music and it was very metal and they had the piano. Prayer For Cleansing had piano as well which I really liked. Metal and piano go really well together I think for like pieces to intro a song or in between. I really like that how it would set the mood then come in all heavy. It was awesome. I'd like to listen to that again. I haven't listened to that in a long time.
Emma-O: I'd like to say too I like Punjabi Indian music
Jen: Me too!! Oh my god!!
Emma-O: Sometimes it comes out in my guitar playing, I'll do a kinda (mimics guitar playing and makes sounds) Egyptian sounding thing
Jen: I really like watching the drumming and stuff too in Tabla
Cari: Tabla is hard
Danyell: I can't relate, sorry.
Cari: I like everything from Hippy music...
Danyell: What about polka? Do you guys like polka?
Emma-O: Actually I do
Danyell: That's the one music I can't stand
Cari: I like folk
Emma-O: Polka, it's happy music. It makes me want to skip (bouncing legs around)
Cari: I like bluegrass a lot
Danyell: I was almost born at a bluegrass concert. Maybe that's why I'm so in love with music, I mean my mom went into labour early, at a bluegrass concert and I was almost delivered by some hippie high on acid. She's like "get me to a fucking hospital". I guess I heard the music and just wanted to get out and start dancing. I started kicking 'let me out I need to rock and roll'.
Emma-O: laughs
Danyell: I wish I was born there, that would have been cool
Jen: Yeah
How experienced are you on the stage, a virgin or whore?
Emma-O: (Laughs)
Danyell: Whore
Cari: I'm pleading the fifth on that one.
Emma-O: I'm not the whore, I'm the madame
Danyell: (looking at Cari) Yes, she's a whore
Cari: Yes I'm a whore, thank you
Jen: Dirty dirty slutty whore
Danyell: We're all a bunch of dirty slutty whores
Cari: I think we're all whores
Danyell: I think I was born a whore
Emma-O: (laughs)
Danyell: I mean my aunt she was an exotic dancer back in the day and she took me to the strip club one morning when I was just a little girl, I was like probably two or three. She left me with the manager and a couple of the girls downstairs while she went to get her costumes or whatever. When she was getting the costumes she heard the music come on and she thought they were just doing sound check or whatever cause the place wasn't even open yet. And she comes down and they got the lights going and the music pumping and there I am doing somersaults on the stripper stage
Cari: Cool
Danyell: Swinging around the pole with my diaper
Emma-O: Oh my god
Cari: That... I'd kill to see that
Danyell: They were loving it. This was a story I was told, I don't remember it.
Cari: I think a lot of musicians are born with the knowledge that they're just gonna do it
Danyell: I loved to be the center of attention when I was a kid. I was always putting on plays, and doing lipsynching for my mom to songs you know.
How would you describe your shows?
Danyell: Intense, fun, fun to watch, crazy. A lot of it too depends on the crowd, it's not really just about us. We give and take from each other onstage, the crowd and performers, so they give and we give back by getting into the music. It's an energy give and take thing, right? If the crowd is just standing there with their arms crossed or sitting way back I don't feel it as much. The better the crowd the better the show I think. Like I always try to put on a good show.
Emma-O: Even if there aren't a lot of people there we always kind of enjoy just playing and being on stage anyway
Danyell: It's really nice now that I'm not the only one that entertains. With the members in the band now, Emma-O gets offstage and she goes into the crowd.
Cari: Jen stands there all (makes twisting motions)
Danyell: It was hard for me before you know being the only one that might move around
Cari: And I make weird fucking faces and bounce my boobs as much as I can
Danyell: Cari can't really go anywhere, she's stuck behind the drums
Cari: I bounce my boobs and make weird faces, that's just how my face goes.
Emma-O: (laughs)
Danyell: Every drummer has a drumming face, like a weird face. I always wonder if it's the same face they make in bed.
Cari: It is, I have been told that it is.
Danyell: Do you stick your tongue out and roll your eyes and cross your eyes when you're in bed?
Emma-O: We have fun on stage no matter what and when there's people they're always moshing and stuff. I've noticed like big sweaty punk dudes bashing each other
Danyell: And end up getting their heads smashed against beams by a 120 lb little girl
Emma-O: Things like that gets us going even more and it's like what Danyell was saying, build on each other's energy and the crowd and band get crazier and crazier on the energy. And it really is an anything goes kind of atmosphere, like you'll never know what will happen next.
Cari: And Danyell is like a commanding presence up there you know like "fucking here I am, fucking look at me"
Emma-O: She's in your face
Cari: She's an attention whore so that's awesome. Like LOOK AT ME!! LOOK AT ME!!
Danyell: (laughs)
Cari: One time in a show some guy was standing there and he wasn't paying attention
Danyell: He was talking to someone
Cari: And she grabs his face (stands and grabs Danyell's face with 2 hands and shakes it) and goes "shhhh" (puts index finger in front of mouth)
Jen and Emma-O: (laughing)
Danyell: I grabbed his cheeks with my two fingers, my forefinger and my thumb and squished it like a grandma would do to her kids and went "shhhhh" and I threw his face (make motion of pushing the person away). He was in shock.
Cari: It was great. I like how everything goes. I really do
Danyell: And this was right in the middle of a song. I stopped singing the vocals to shush him. " I keyed your car.... shhhhhhhh"
Cari: I liked when you climbed back... like there was a break in the song you weren't singing so you climbed over the speaker and out the window to try and bum a cigarette
Danyell: What?!!
Cari: Yeah then you took some drags of the cigarette and climbed back in and finished the song.
Tell us about your favorite show and why?
Danyell: My favourite show has always been our first cd release show. Just because my Aunt who is passed away now and I love very much, she is the Aunty Panty. The same aunt that was dancing you know, let me roll around on the stage. She took good care of me. Anyways, her and my mom, they came to our cd release and there was a lot of people there 'cause we made the admission free so that people that couldn't afford to come could come see the band and party with us.
Cari: That's a good idea
Danyell: It was a great show, there was a lot of people there and the energy was really good and I was really happy at that time. It's one of the shows I can remember 'cause I was really fucked up then so a lot of shows I don't remember, but I remember that one 'cause they were there. I'm sure with the new lineup I'll have more and more favourite shows 'cause I'm sure they'll just keep getting better and better.
Jen: My favourite show hasn't happened yet. World Pride so far. It had great energy there, we'd been practicing our asses off so we were a lot more comfortable with everything, the new stuff. It was a good response from the crowd.
Danyell: The only thing I thought was weird about it and we've had to do it a few times, when you're playing a huge stage like that, you can't really interact with the crowd, which I like. But maybe it's good to get some practice doing that right?
Jen: I thought we did pretty good though.
Danyell: Yeah we did
Jen: People came up on stage
Danyell: I was able to drag some people up on the stage
Cari: It was my favourite because I've aleays wanted to fucking play Pride. That's just been my thing and I really wanted to so it was good. .
Emma-O: I'm the newest member in Pantychrist so I haven't done a lot of shows but World Pride so far is the best one because it was just a lot of fun and a beautiful day with a beautiful rainbow.
Danyell: The rainbow was pretty cool
Emma-O: A lot of friends, a good vibe, a good energy and a lot of fun and I've always wanted to play Pride
Jen: And people came out to see us that normally wouldn't go to Pride
Danyell: There was a bunch of old punks who showed up but they just missed us so I was upset about that because they had come to see us Cari: There was about ten of them all sitting together and they would have been crazy so that's sad
Tell us about your worst show and why?
Emma-O: (laughs)
Cari: I don't even want to go there
Danyell: Oh boy. I don't have a specific bad show in my memory but our shows where the crowd is interactive, and we are feeding off each other, passing energy back and forth, it makes it better. If they're into it, I'm into it more. It's punk rock, shits gonna go wong. It doesn't technically go wrong with us as much as some bands and when it does we just work around it. When our former guitar player Iz would play drunk, she would move around more. One night Izabelle was really drunk and she was right into the show and she got right up front and somehow my hair got caught in the end of her guitar, in the tuning pegs. She didn't notice and she was swinging around on stage dragging me around. She couldn't hear me and she was swinging her guitar and I was "ow ow ow ow ow". She probably dragged me around for a good 15 seconds. It was embarrassing. And we still laugh about it today. There was another show once where a guy grabbed my ass, and then I turned around and said "not fucking cool" as a warning and then while I was singing he proceeded to grab my boob so I punched him in the face and then two guys took him outside and gave him the business. For me the worst shows would be dealing with a crowd that isn't into it, they just sit there at the back with their arms crossed or when people are too tough thinking a bunch of girls can't be a cool band.
Cari: I know that I can't go onstage all fucked up or plastered. I've seen people go onstage after smoking a big joint and playing all the songs wrong.
Danyell: I used to think I was great and did a great job when I was drinking onstage or when I was high you know. I thought fuck, I'm all fucking coked up and drunk and you know, taking pills so I'll do an awesome job. Looking back on them it was like sloppy and stupid, it wasn't cool you know. But I was younger then so I mean maybe I'm maturing and I don't really like to... well I like to get a little buzz before I go on, but I will not get totally smashed. From my influences you know, like growing up influenced by Courtney Love it was always so cool watching her fucking throwing up and being retarded on stage... I liked that about her. Tits hanging out at the MTV music awards.
Emma-O: Jumping up on David Letterman's desk and flashing him.
Danyell: Yeah, crazy stuff like that
Emma-O: I love that shit
Danyell: I idolized her.
Emma-O: For me it's dealing with people who aren't professional or don't give a shit. You know what's great about dealing with sexist, condescending sound guys? Blowing their ears and attitude off with loud, ferocious music!! For all the people who think society doesn't need feminism, try being a female musician. Not a pop singer, but a real musician!
Cari: Sound guy was drunk
Danyell: We've had drunk sound guys that leave halfway through the night. There wasn't that many people there. The monitors weren't working, there was feedback while playing. We still had fun.
Jen: Yeah, I had fun actually playing. There was people that came out to see us so that was cool.
Danyell: Shit promotion
Jen: If nobody shows up at a show and everything that can be done marketing wise is, I have no problem with that, but when nobody shows up because nobody gives a fuck, that's not too cool.
Emma-O: The promoter doesn't care.
Cari: What about the Cunt Song? I thought it was about a manager?
Danyell: There was the Cunt Song show. We went to this place, it was like a pool hall and they were putting on a punk show. The place wasn't full or anything and I guess you got paid a dollar per person that came which we weren't informed of. When we played it was just like there was no one up front or anything, everyone was way back and sitting at the bar or whatever so I was just like "fuck it" so you know I just had fun. I grabbed a chair and started throwing it around and then I got up and I walked across the bar over people's drinks and kicked their drinks over and I was just being a douche (laughs). Anyways, after the show the promoter who was putting on the show, she tried to pay us a dollar for playing. We're like "what the hell is this?", what do you mean a dollar? You get paid a dollar per person per head that came to see you. Well first of all, we had at least 3 people that came with us that paid and bullshit that there wasn't anyone there to see us 'cause there was people there to see us. The Cunt Song was about her becasue she was a cunt. Patty was just like you know, right up in her face "I'd call you a cunt, but no, a cunt is useful" you know. And I was right behind her pointing over her shoulder (getting all animated with her arms) "yeah yeah". She's huge, so there's these two huge chicks and I'm in the back pointing and going "what she said, what she said, yeah!" you know. We had to load up all the gear real quick and get the fuck outta there cause they were gonna call the cops.
Tell Us About Your Dream Show, who you'd like to play with and where?
Danyell: Oooo, dream show....
Cari: Richie Ramone. I love him.
Emma-O: I would probably say some kind of big, awesome bill of like really hard rocking female bands. Like I can see us playing some big like all day all chick festival with like Brody Dalle or even the Distillers. She talked about reuniting the Distillers
Danyell: Yeah, that would be awesome. I think that I would love to do a show with like Motorhead, Gwar. I would love to do a show with Gwar. I'd love to play a huge stadium show with like other hard bands like the Distillers or bands we may fit with
Emma-O: Joan Jett
Danyell: Joan Jett... I don't know if we'd even fit with Joan Jett right.
Cari: Why not?
Emma-O: She's more classic rock now
Danyell: Maybe Motley Crue or something
Do you have a street team and how can you join?
Emma-O: Not right now but we're working on it. The new website has a street team page.
Danyell: Yeah, so when we put it up, anyone that wants to join the street team, it's pretty much just about doing postering for the band and come in to the show you get to hang out with the band. You get free admission to the show, you get to hang out with the band, get backstage or whatever, party with us.
Do you have a record label and if not are you looking for one?
Danyell: Yes we are looking for a new one right now, we do not have one. We are recording right now and we are going to start shopping after the recording is done.
Cari: Please sign us 'cause we need the money.
Danyell: I wanna be the next Avril
Cari: No you don't
Danyell: (laughing) Just kidding
What are your plans for the future, in a year, 5 years?
Emma-O: Play lots of shows, do lots of recording and lots of creative stuff
Cari: Do the same thing we're doing now but just getting better at it
Danyell: No, there's so much more, I wanna make music videos. Like we've been together ten years and we have not been able to go on a proper tour. I've toured in other bands but I want Pantychrist to tour. I'd love to go over to the UK again with Pantychrist though. I want to make music videos, I want to record and have another full length cd come out.
Emma-O: Just keep writing
Danyell: I want to tour, do interviews. There's a lot of stuff I want to do you know. I want to get out there and play with some bigger bands. If we're not headlining, the bands I want to play with I want to make sure their status is good or they have a good draw so that more people get to see us. I want better things for the band. I want to take it up a level.
Cari: Or five
Danyell: We've paid our dues
Emma-O: I really want to play stuff like Riot Fest, cool kind of outdoor shows where you meet a lot of cool bands and hang out with cool people. It's a good time 'cause you're outside. I don't know, I've always loved those kinds of shows.
Jen: Me too
Emma-O: I've been a couple of times and they're a lot of fun so I think Pantychrist would fit really well at the outdoor festival thing. I would love to take over friggin' Warped Tour and make it into something good again.
Jen: Yeah, it's like a little pisspants
Emma-O: And get rid of that stupid girl stage
Danyell: There's a girl stage?
Emma-O: The girls are delegated to their own little girly side stage and it's like fuck you
Danyell: That's fucking bullshit
Emma-O: This is my message directly to Warped Tour. You guys should get rid of that fucking stage and treat the women as equals 'cause we can pull our own on that fucking stage.
Danyell: That's fucking brutal man, that's sexist.
Jen: It's insulting yeah.
Emma-O: It's true, look it up
Emma-O:If you give us a headlining or any kind of good stage spot, we will fucking rock the place.
Danyell: That's terrible. I don't know why there's not more protesting.
Emma-O: It's called the Shiragirl stage.
Danyell: No, come on. Fuck you Warped Tour
Emma-O: And a lot of girls just go and do it 'cause hey, they want to play Warped. That's their opportunity to play Warped.
Danyell: It's not the right way. Women should boycott Warped Tour just for that reason
Emma-O: Exactly. We're segregated. You don't see them having a Black stage. You know there's fucking like a minority of black punk musicians out there.
Danyell: Or the gay stage
Emma-O: Do they have "oh here's where the Black stage is"? If you're Mexican (pointing) you gotta be over there? Why is it okay to do that to women?
Danyell: That's bad, I didn't know that
Emma-O: I just read about it recently
Jen: They're probably looking at it as a showcase but their thinking is wrong. It's only on 1/4 of the shows this year
Danyell: Again, using being female as a gimmick. Being a female is not a gimmick, we are people, we are musicians
Emma-O: And you know what's funny, 'cause this totally reminds me of 20 years ago or maybe even longer when I first saw L7 on Much Music (Canadian video music channel) it was just a little snippet of them talking, and this is you know going back at least 20 years, they're saying the exact same thing we're talking about now, that we're treated like a novelty act and people don't just kinda take us seriously
Jen: (sarcastic) 'Isn't that cute... women who can play.... oh, good for them'
Emma-O:Twenty years later and there's still the same problem in this industry, so it's like "okay, time to evolve already". Women are out there and making tons of music. There are so many female bands now and musicians you can't even keep track anymore.
Danyell: There's a lot of all male bands that Pantychrist can rock under the table you know. There's certain guy bands, like boring same old fucking thing all the time.
Cari: They're good but they're just fucking repetitive
Danyell: It's repetitive and it's the same shit all the time. Then we get up there and we fucking put on a show and we entertain people. Scare people. (smiles) Watch out for your balls you know.
Emma-O: Like there's actually talent in this band too, it's not just get up there and 'look at us woo hoo'.
Jen: Yeah, not just playing some power chords and jumping around
Danyell: It's not we got tits and we strap on our guitars but we only know three chords
Emma-O: Our tits are beside the point because we can play. And it just so happens that we are a bunch of girls that can play and have boobs.
Danyell: Having breasts doesn't stop us from playing good. They don't get in the way.
Emma-O: And actually the guitar is made for women 'cause when you sit and hold a guitar, that little curve you can just rest you boob there (imitates strumming a guitar). The perfect curvage. Women were meant to play instruments.
Jen: You can use your nipples for the picks as gravity sets in
Cari: Fuck
Emma-O: (laughs very hard) Nipples?
Jen: Your nipples (mimics strumming with a low hanging breast)
Cari: Just wrap it around, eh?
Emma-O: Guitar strap.... use the boob for, especially if you have a pierced nipple and there's a hole and it stretches over time you can hook it onto your guitar strap thing... actually one boob here and one boob down here (moving arms to side to mimic where 'hanging' would occur)
Jen: (laughing loudly and mimicking Emma-O's 'boob straps')
Cari: You'll see it in 50 years we'll start doing that on stage. I'll be playing on stage with my boobs dangling (imitates swing breasts with hands and makes 'swinging' sounds)
Danyell: She'll use her boobs to drum (makes 'drum sounds' and imitates drum fill using breasts). Emma-O will be taking her tit and going (makes guitar playing circling motion around breast with right hand). A windmill with her tit. Tit windmill.
Emma-O: Yeah the windmill. Those burlesque dancers they go in opposite directions
Cari: They'll have to have a separate stage just for us
Emma-O: They're gonna ban us. We're gonna get banned and arrested for public nudity and all this stuff
Cari: Good
Finally, do have any words on what Arm The Pit means to you?
Emma-O: Kinda...
Danyell: It makes me think of deodorant and shaving
Cari: I think about smelling my armpit
Jen and Emma-O: (laugh)
Danyell: I think about armpits
Jen: But that's not the initial thought
Cari: Kinda like a moshpit eh, so we gotta have people
Danyell: Putting bars on your pit, like especially Cari. There should be some bars on your armpit when she doesn't shave 'cause that's inappropriate
Cari: Ohhh... now I'm especially not gonna fucking shave now
Danyell and Emma-O: (laughing)
Jen: It's definitely a needed thing to help us get out there
Danyell: Like we're pretty much out there but you can always promote more. So Arm The Pit for me is a great opportunity for everyone, especially up and coming bands to get promotion and to network. It's just a great thing you know, take part in interviews you know when they're just getting started or just coming back from a hiatus. Thank you Arm The Pit.
Jen: Yeah, it's definitely a needed service and thank you.
Emma-O: I wanna say that I'm probably the only one who didn't automatically think of armpits. I actually did think of a moshpit. I kind of think of Arm The Pit as arming the pit with good music you know. Delivering good music to the pit. 'Cause you need some good music to have a good moshpit.
Danyell: Arm the pit with like good soldier bands
Jen: A good arsenal
Cari: Thank you Arm The Pit.
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